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3M Club of St. Paul was established in 1934 to promote a community for 3M employees and access to recreational activities.  In 1963, 3M Club of St. Paul, Inc. (501.c7) was created.  3M Club of St. Paul is open to all 3M employees, retirees, and their dependents in the St. Paul area. The club provides leisure time programs and activities to promote physical and mental well-being while fostering a sense of community among individuals, families and 3M Company. Membership requires an individual be in good standing with 3M Club of St. Paul and meet the definition for an Employee Member or an Associate Member as listed in the Membership Directive.

The 3M Club of St. Paul is a non-profit organization providing services, programs and activities to 3M employees, retirees, and family members in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area and certain subsidiaries and affiliates. Periodically, 3M Club will offer special promotions open to all 3M employees worldwide. However, unless otherwise noted, items listed on this site are for the exclusive use and benefit of 3M Club of St. Paul members only.


The 3M Club of St. Paul provides access to hobby, sports, and recreational groups, family and networking events, and discount tickets for current employees, retirees and family members. These services are intended to provide enjoyable, relaxing experiences by promoting physical and mental well being while fostering company and family unity.

Board of Directors

3M Club is led by a Board of Directors, composed of an A Board and a B Board.  The A Board is responsible for the leadership and operation of 3M Club.  The B Board is assigned by 3M Company, working jointly with the A Board to ensure that 3M Company policies are followed.                

President, Mark Roach  (651) 575-1074
Vice-President, Open Position  
Treasurer, Diane Allen   (651) 733-1633
Secretary, Joe Crimando   (651) 733-5479
Events / Tickets, Charlee Frederixon (651) 733-1218
Communications, Amber Campeau (651) 736-1915
Sports & Activity Clubs, Candice Bacchus   (651) 226-6794


Membership in the 3M Club is for active 3M employees and 3M retirees.  3M employee family members are associate members.  For more information on membership guidelines, click on this link (membership directive).


If you are not a member of the 3M Club, complete the Membership Registration form.

Waiver of Liability