Dear 3M Club Members,  

3M Club In-Person/Group Activity Covid-19 Policy 3M Club In-Person/Group Activity Covid-19 Policy With recent government announcements of outdoor sporting events allowing fans back in the stands, we have had several activity & 3M Club Chapters reach out wondering if we would have access to tickets or can resume normal in person activities with clubs. We have posted our official guidance on our 3M Club of St. Paul’s Yammer page but wanted to communicate directly with you as a member in the 3M Club.

In a vote taken at our board meeting, the 3M Club Board of Directors will not sponsor and support 3M Club St. Paul sports or activities to align with corporate meeting and events guidelines linked to return-to-work phases in 2021.

If you have any specific questions that pertains to your location, please reach out to the contacts below. As requirements are adjusted, we will absolutely communicate any changes. Official guidance & further information is below:


President: Mark Roach

Vice President: Charlee Frederixon

Vice President: Andrew Swanson

3M Club In-Person/Group Activity COVID-19 Policy The 3M Club of the United States, Inc. (and its affiliated Chapters), while separate legal entities from 3M Corporation, continues to align our In-Person/Group Activity COVID-19 Policy to that of 3M’s. Additional detail to the 3M Policy has been developed over the past 12 months. While we fully expect continual change in these details, which 3M Club of the United States Board will stay closer to, we need to emphasize 3M Club’s decision to align with the 3M In-Person/Group Activity COVID-19 Policy. Please work with the 3M Club Board through individual decisions as they arise.

 Upcoming Virtual Events in May and June!

In May: We have 3 Virtual events: All links can be found on the newletter.

1. MN United Loons Free virtual event on May 3rd at 5:30 PM!

MN United is offering a Q&A for 3M Club members hosted by Callum Williams who does the play-byplay; Sean Sittneck who is the VP of ticket sales, and Amos Magee wo is the director of player personnel. A link will be sent out about a week before the event which will include a Q&A link for questions to be submitted ahead of time. 3M Club members who purchased tickets for 2020 matches will be getting a link directly from MN United.

All those 3M Club members interested in making sure you get the link, please fill out this form.

2. It’s a Cinch Bracelet making zoom class May 4th 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM Currently the class is filled but if you are interested in a future class please reach out to Annie Daugherty with the 3M Club!  Looking for a fun Mother’s Day gift or maybe something special just for you? Consider participating in the “It’s a Cinch Bracelet” Zoom class that will be presented by Potomac Beads for 3M Club Members. This great bracelet doesn’t require previous beading/jewelry making experience. $40 includes supplies, class, and shipping. You’ll need to have your own scissors and pliers. You’ll have a choice between three colors, with the selection being made during registration. 

3. Brent Snyder Golf & Ethos Performance Free event for members of St. Paul Club Wednesday May 26th at 12:30 to 1:30 PM

Join Brent, Dan, & Nate as they discuss all things golf. Brent Snyder is a member of the PGA and has invested his life into serving people. A relationship driven experience is created when you start working with Brent. He is a big picture instructor that focuses on the longevity of your craft. The instruction is tailored to the individual. Simple fundamental thoughts are fostered through a language that is uncomplicated and focused predominantly on the club face. Brent continues to be an active competitor himself. As he states to his clients, “If Iʼm not working on your game, Iʼm probably in a tournament”. Known for his work ethic, Brent usually plays close to 30 events each year. He competes throughout the Minnesota PGA, as well as national events.

Dan Teece is a co-owner of Ethos Performance, a state-of-the-art sports performance center located in downtown Hudson, WI. He is a doctoral-trained orthopedic board-certified physical therapist and Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Instructor. Dan’s passion is developing individualized training and rehabilitation programs for golfers and athletes of all ages and fitness levels.

Nathan Brine is a licensed athletic trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist. Professionally he has worked in orthopedic clinics delivering patient care. Most recently he worked in staff management and clinical operations. Currently, he is co-owner of Ethos Performance and Rehabilitation in Hudson, WI where they provide wellness, strength and conditioning services, personal training, physical therapy, and exercise innovation to the greater metro area and western Wisconsin. He is passionate about working with athletes looking to add efficiency and data driven methodology to their training plan. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

In June: We currently have 1 Free virtual event

1. June 24th at 4:30 PM – Free MN Wine School Virtual Tasting / Happy hour event Minnesota Wine School Uncorking Wine, One Bottle at a Time.

Minnesota Wine School's tastings and classes bring people together and have fun while also empowering you to choose wines you'll love on your next wine haul. Tastings are led by Krista VanMoorlehem, a well-known certified sommelier based in Minnesota's Twin Cities. Krista is known for mixing humor with industry secrets to make the tasting experience enjoyable for all. No more stuffy wine classes-let's have some fun! When you sign up, you will receive the details on the offer for 3M Club members to participate in this Zoom Wine tasting event. You will also receive the shopping details for the 2 or 3 wines she will want you to pick up at a place of your choice. She is also going to provide a recipe for making your own Sangria!

Virtual Wine Tastings Whether you’re planning a virtual catch-up with friends, a party, or a corporate event, or you just love wine, we look forward to introducing you to a memorable virtual wine tasting experience. With a mix of interesting wines, and a fun online format, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. Classes can be customized to your preferences. So let's enjoy some vino!

3M Fitness Club Offering for 3M Club St. Paul Members:

The 3M Fitness Centers are currently offering a wide variety of virtual offerings to keep you engaged while working from home. Weekly, you can tune in for free options including LIVE virtual fitness classes and virtual well-being calls. Check out the attached “Virtual Offerings Handout” to learn more about how to access this content and stay in the loop with all of our virtual offerings. Sign up for our 6-week virtual Barre-Strength Fusion class starting Tuesday, June 15 at 7am! This class will involve a variety of strengthening exercises with a ballet twist. Your core and glutes will surely feel the burn, and you’re guaranteed to improve balance, endurance and flexibility! Light hand weights are recommended but not required. Contact Alicia Baillargeon to sign up today! BarreStrength Fusion TUESDAYS , JUNE 1 5 - JULY 20, 7 - 7 :45 AM $6 0 MEMB E R S $8 0 NON-MEMB E R S

3M Club Policy for COVID-19 Event/Venue Changes Updates:

Concerts that have been cancelled: Maroon 5 and Reba - Cancelled

Ongoing Discounts I View our new discounts page on!

• Broadway Shows – Hamilton coming in 2023- Actual dates as of now are April 4 – May 7 th 2023.

 About 3M Club

The 3M Club of St. Paul provides access to sponsored events, activities, sports, group discounts, and tickets.  Our goal is to provide an enjoyable networking experience for members, their family, and friends. To become a member, contact the 3M Club at

For just $25 a year, members will have access to: 

  • Exclusive discounts
  • Reduced pricing on 3M Club events 
  • Convenient pick-up location 
  • Excellent customer service


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