Dear 3M Club Members,  

3M Club In-Person/Group Activity Covid-19 Policy:

With recent government announcements of outdoor sporting events allowing fans back in the stands, we have had several activity & 3M Club Chapters reach out wondering if we would have access to tickets or can resume normal in person activities with clubs. We have posted our official guidance on our 3M Club of St. Paul’s Yammer page but wanted to communicate directly with you as a member in the 3M Club.

Currently, we are closely aligning to 3M’s guidance to in person events. There are several factors taken into consideration for in person events to be approved by a board within 3M – at this time, we are not able to meet requirements to allow/encourage in person events. If you have any specific questions that pertains to your location, please reach out to the contacts below. As requirements are adjusted, we will absolutely communicate any changes. Official guidance & further information is below:

3M Club In-Person/Group Activity COVID-19 Policy The 3M Club of the United States, Inc. (and its affiliated Chapters), while separate legal entities from 3M Corporation, continues to align our In-Person/Group Activity COVID-19 Policy to that of 3M’s. Additional detail to the 3M Policy has been developed over the past 12 months. While we fully expect continual change in these details, which 3M Club of the United States Board will stay closer to, we need to emphasize 3M Club’s decision to align with the 3M In-Person/Group Activity COVID-19 Policy. Please work with the 3M Club Board through individual decisions as they arise.


President: Mark Roach

Vice President: Charlee Frederixon

Vice President: Andrew Swanson

The MN Wild event on March 22 was a HUGE Success! The winner of the Minnesota Wild Reverse Retro Jersey was Pam Koepke. Thank you, Pam for submitting a question and attending the 3M Exclusive Virtual event!

Upcoming Virtual Events in April, May and June!

In April we have 3 virtual events!  Please see the April Newsletter to enter.

1. April 7th at 6:30 PM Virtual Charcuterie Workshop

2. April 28th at 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM SENSE-ational Spaces LLC.

3. April 28th at 6:30 PM to ?? HASKELLS Wine Tasting

In May: We have 3 Virtual events:

1. It’s a Cinch Bracelet making zoom class May 4 th 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

2. Brett Snyder Golf → Swing & Golf Lessons with Q&A – More to come

3. HASKELLS Beer Tasting - More to come

In June: We currently have 2 virtual events

1. MN United Virtual event – More to come

2. June 24th at 4:30 PM - MN Wine School Virtual Tasting / Happy hour event

3M Fitness Club Offering for 3M Club St. Paul Members -  see the Newsletter!

Personal Computing Club (PCC) – 3M Activity Club:

The PCC Offers:  Join now for only $8.00 a year!

• Monthly General meetings (Currently virtual)

• Monthly Mac SIG - Apple Computers & Devices (Currently virtual)

• Monthly Q&A meetings (Currently virtual)

• Monthly Newsletter

• Picnic, Pizza, and Sandwich Meetings (Pre COVID)

• Web site with deals, calendar, past recordings, slides, and handouts


Metro Dining Cards are available for purchase at the Novation Credit Union at 500 Imperial Ave N in Oakdale MN during their hours of 8:30-5:00 for $25.00 per set.

3M Club Policy for COVID-19 Event/Venue Changes Updates:

Broadway Across America update, We are hoping to have an update in Late April regarding the Promo code for purchasing special seating for the shows, including Hamilton and Frozen. We know Broadway Across America is working with all the protocols to fulfill the Covid-19 Safe opening and will be unable to open to full capacity. With this said, postponements are still a possibility. Please watch Yammer for an update!


About 3M Club

The 3M Club of St. Paul provides access to sponsored events, activities, sports, group discounts, and tickets.  Our goal is to provide an enjoyable networking experience for members, their family, and friends. To become a member, contact the 3M Club at

For just $25 a year, members will have access to: 

  • Exclusive discounts
  • Reduced pricing on 3M Club events 
  • Convenient pick-up location 
  • Excellent customer service


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